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Standard Bonding Fasteners

Threaded Studs

M1 male threaded stud bonding fasteners are available in a variety of stud diameter, stud length and base plate combinations.


Female Hexagonal Nuts

F1 female hexagonal nut bonding fasteners are available in a variety of nut size and base plate combinations.


Threaded Collar

F2 female threaded collar bonding fasteners are available in a variety of insert diameter, fastener length and base plate combinations.


Unthreaded Stud Pins

M4 insulation fasteners are available in a variety of plain stud/pin diameter, length and base plate combinations.



Why our Bonding Fasteners?

Quality but low-cost

We offer an unbeatable long-term, low price guarantee.

Innovative & engineered

Excess of 1400 different designs of standard fastener and additional bespoke versions available on request

Various shapes & sizes

Wide variety of base plate sizes and shapes available and most can be supplied with any combination of a bonding fastener.

Special and bespoke

Purpose-designed custom bonding fasteners for customers who have specific requirements which cannot be fulfilled from our standard range.

High resistance

Resistance to a wide range of chemical agents including acid rain and salt spray, conditions under which metal parts would suffer.

Quality assurance

All bonding fasteners are subjected to routine sample test procedures at each key stage of manufacture and also on completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are these bonding fasteners resilient?
The ability to deform and spring back to their original shape without major damage. Shape memory and impact tolerance are two of the biggest advantages of composites, particularly within the transport industry.
2Is it light and cost-effective?
Our bonding fasteners generally have a low weight. With substantial savings in weight over similar metal parts (25% the weight of steel, 30% lighter than aluminium) cost savings are noticeable with installation, handling and particularly fuel consumption, when in service.
3Is it compatible to adhesives?
Our fasteners have adhesive and coating compatibility. Since composites and adhesives/coatings share a similar polymeric make-up, they are widely compatible with one another.
4Can our fasteners stand the heat?
Our bonding fasteners have thermal properties – composite structures act as very good insulators, whilst retaining their shape while not becoming brittle in cold temperatures.
5Is it durable and robust?
Comparable to aluminum and steel, strength characteristics of many materials can be reproduced through research and development with reinforcements, eg. glass.
6Is it safe to use?
Our fibre-reinforced composites are low in electrical conductivity and are efficient fire retardants, which makes them a good choice for covering electrical parts.

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Our superior bonding fasteners weld strength, material integrity and thread standards ensure that no compromise is made on the quality of our products. The specification of our fasteners meet the demanding requirements laid down by principle markets including automotive, marine, construction, transportation, signs and many others.

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